Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Grade

In first grade we learned how to do greater than and less than problems. The alligator eats the larger number, such as 2>1, is how we learned to do them. Later in the year, when we revisited them, I did all of my problems backwards. My teacher saw my paper and asked me which numbers do the alligators eat and I said they like to eat the little ones. She replied "Why?!?!" and I said "BECAUSE IT'S EASIER TO CATCH AND EAT THE SMALLER ONES! SO IT TURNED IT'S BACK ON THE BIG ONE AND TURNED AROUND TO CATCH THE SMALLER ONE". She told me I had it backwards and they eat the large ones, even though that didn't make sense to me because it would be trying to eat an elephant or a giraffe or something instead of a rabbit.