Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well I was born in 1932 in the middle of central Russia. Now back then we didn't wear clothing. Everyday was like a struggle to live. Temperatures dropped to atleast -50'F everdyay. In 1956 I moved to this great place called America. I settled in a small suburban area with my wife and three wonderful children. Ten years from now I did not know that I was to be strucken with such a terrible illness. November 3rd 1966, I was diagnosed with Conculcopollexemoveoitus. The horrid disease where you can no longer wiggle your toes. Then after getting my toes amputated, I joined the military to go fight in Vietnam. Once I got back from 'nam in 1972, I found that my wife had been killed in a horrible ironing board accident. It was so tragic that I moved to Brazil to be in the International League of Shuffle Boarding. After winning countless of competitions I then moved to southern Alaska to show small children how to build igloos. Now, residing in my peaceful home in California, I am learning this new thing the kids do with their own personal Internet and whatnot.

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